Copperhead 3.0 Laser Screed

With the purchase of a Somero Laser Screed along with a Whiteman Rider Trowel and numerous Whiteman troweling machines, Mason Cement is capable of pouring your next floor of any size.


Excavating and Foundations

Foundation Excavating, Site Excavation, Concrete and Asphalt Removal and Building Pad Preparation are just a few of the services we provide. Teaming up with Kennedy Concrete Inc., we offer an extensive inventory of equipment and are capable of most excavating and demolition projects.

Reb (002)

Rebar Fabrication

Mason Cement operates our own in house Rebar Fabrication Company. This allows Mason Cement to be on the jobsite in just a few days installing rebar and pouring concrete. We specialize in small to medium sized rebar projects when time is critical. Many orders are processed in just 1 day.


Precast Plank Installation

Consider Mason Cement for your next Precast Plank Project. We employ highly trained installers that are capable of completing precast plank projects of any size. Our safety program, knowledgeable crane selection and experienced workforce allows us to complete projects on schedule and within budget.


Decorative Concrete

Mason Cement is a leading Commercial Contractor that also specializes in Decorative Stamped Concrete. Since the early 1990’s our finishers have a proven track record of installing decorative concrete. We are able to offer our customers a wide variety of colors, finishes and design options and use state of the art tools and equipment when installing the product. Our expertise ensures your project will be done in a professional manner.


Wide Format Printer

With our in-house wide format printer, we are able to print drawings as soon as we receive bid requests. This also allows us to have up to date plans in the field as they become available.

Mason Cement

We have grown to become one of the most trusted and competent concrete contractors in our area. Concrete construction is hard and challenging work with only one chance to get it right. The difference with our company is we love what we do. We want to be on your job doing what we do best, pouring concrete. Our goal everyday is to be the contractor of choice for our customers, the employer of choice for our people, and to set the highest standards for safety, ethics and equality.